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The Indian Herald

December 29, 2008

City shocked: Armymen kill Muslim student in Bangalore

A 20-year-old student was killed in the house of an Army brigadier in Bangalore, leaving the citizens in a state of shock. Mohammad Mukarram had accidentally entered the high-security zone.

The college student was racing his bike down and performing a stunt of riding the motorcycle on a single wheel when the policemen chased him.

As his friend managed to run away, Mukarram also tried to dodge the police and in process entered the Army area where he scaled the fence of brigadier's house.

The army guards asked him to 'surrender' but the terrified student tried to contact his family and friends. He was however shot dead. The incident is being termed as hysteric and an over-reaction by citizens though he was also at fault.

But the tragic death has left residents of the City stunned at this turn of events. The son of a bus driver, Mukarram, was a B Com student. After death, the police registered against the dead youth for 'trespassing as an intruder'.

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