The Indian Herald

The Indian Herald

January 1, 2009

A forgettable year ends for India

Terrorist attacks in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Gujarat, Assam and Jaipur that occurred in the country in the just concluded year heightened a sense of insecurity. Will the New Year bring a positive change?

The year 2008 was a tough year for India. Never had the urban areas of the country hit by terrorism so often. The intensity of the terrorist attacks and the failure to anticipate them, was a cause of greater concern.

The attacks in Mumbai added to the horrific saga of terror, which the country has faced. For the first occasion the international community seemed serious about the security concerns of India.

Apart from terrorism, India witnessed regional violence and the Raj Thackeray's MNS that threatened to divide the soceity on regional lines. One only hopes that 2009 would bring peace and prosperity to the nation and our political class will bury their differences for the greater common good of the society.

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