The Indian Herald

The Indian Herald

December 30, 2008

India condemns Israeli attacks on Palestine

The Indian government on Monday condemned the excessive use of force by Israel on the Gaza strip that has resulted in the killing of nearly 300 persons including women and children.

Though India has been cosying up to Israel lately, it has voiced its concern over the air-strikes and expressed its disapproval of the volatile situation in the Middle East.

The official statement urged Tel Aviv to be restrained and give peace a chance in the region. The Ministry of External Affairs' spokesperson said that the use of force was disproportionate and it was unwarranted.

He further said that the attacks have resulted in large number of civilian casualties. Israel and India have come closer in the last decade and have been forging closer military and intelligence ties.

Israel has vowed to take the fight against Hamas to finish and continue targeting the group, despite the peace calls from international community.

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