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The Indian Herald

December 30, 2008

Now a separate marriage law for Jains, centre urged to exclude Jains from act governing Hindu customs

The Jain community has asked the Union government for promulgating a separate marriage law for the microminuscule Jains. Until now the Jain marriages were covered under the ambit of Hindu marriage act.

The Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has been urged to take a decision in this regard at the earliest. The president of Digambar Jain Mahsabha, Nirmal Sethi, has said that Jain marriage is not a social custom.

He insisted that it was a religious rite and hence it should no longer be kept under the Hindu marriage act. Jainism is a separate religion that has a history of thousands of years and it is treated as a separate religion in many states of the country, said Sethi.

He categorically demanded that the Jains should be excluded from the Hindu law. The Bharatvarshiya Jain Mahasabha has put up some other demands also. A seven point letter has been sent to the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, urging him to take steps in this regard.

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