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The Indian Herald

January 23, 2009

Court quashes ban on smoking scenes in movies

The Delhi High Court on Friday gave a verdict allowing smoking scenes in the movies. This comes as a setback to the Health Minister A Ramadoss' anti-tobacco stand.

The court held that the ban on smokign scenes violated the artistic freedom and was against the right to free speech and expression. The judge said that smoking was a reality of life.

Justice Sanjay K Kaul's quashed the Centr'es ban on smoking scenes that was passed in October 2006. The order had also banned showing smoking on television screen. The decision came on the petition of film director Mahesh Bhatt.

Union Health Minister A Ramadoss had pushed for the ban on depicting smoking scenes. He has maintained a tough stand on smoking and advised film stars to also quit smoking, as he says it glamorises the act and it makes a wrong impression on their fans and youngsters.

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