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The Indian Herald

February 1, 2009

Five kids die in hospital fire, Teenager saves five others

The death of five children in a Punjab hospital has left the nation shocked. A teenager who works at teashop saved five other babies when even the doctors didn't enter the room.

All the babies were newborn and less than a week old. Ten kids were undergoing treatment for jaundice through photo-therapy when the fire occurred in the neonatology unit.

The photo-therapy apparatus apparently caught fire due to short-circuit, and five of the children, died in the incubators. The horrific deaths have sent shock waves across the nation and put a question mark on safety measures in hospitals.

But it was the role of a teenager who works a nearby teashop that deserves a mention. His alertness and prompt action saved the lives of five out of ten babies who were in the neonatology unit then.

He heard the cries of nurses and entered the room that was full of smoke. Using the torch of his cell phone, he took the kids out, one by one. Though the doctors were present and didn't venture in. Apparently, the water on the floor caused electrocution.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh expressed his grief at the incident. The Punjab Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal has also ordered a magisterial inquiry and said that those responsible would not be spared at any cost.

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