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The Indian Herald

January 9, 2009

India screeches to halt as fuel, gas run out

Petrol pumps are shut across the country and the shortage of gas has compounded citizens' woes. Centre has directed the states to act tough but there seems no immediate reprieve.

The ongoing oil strike has hit India badly and the truckers' strike has futher worsened the situation. Panic spread across the urban India as petrol and diesel was unavailable.

Majority of petrol pumps have run out of fuel and the Army would be pressed into service.On the third day of the strike, the Union Home Minister P Chidambaram had to cancel his trip to America.

The Oil Officers' Association is demanding higher wages and refusing to call off the strike. However, the government doesn't appear in the mood to succumb to the PSU officials' demands and hints that the striking employees may be arrested.

Dozens of officials have been sacked and ESMA has already been invoked in Haryana. Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinder was selling at Rs 750 per cylinder and petrol at Rs 100 per litre in black. As the Transporters are also on the nationwide strike, this has exacerbated the situation.

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