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January 26, 2009

Mangalore's Taliban unapologetic over pub attack

The chief of Sri Ram Sena, Pramod Muthalik, has refused to apologise for the assault on girls in a pub that took place on Saturday night, and has justified the attack.

The Sena leader said that the girls and boys were dancing in an obscene manner in the pub. Muthalik, who has not been new to such controversies, said that the activists wanted to stop obscenity and indecent behaviour.

Meanwhile, the Karnataka chief minister BS Yeddyurappa described the incident as unfortunate. He said that the police have all the power to take strict action against those responsible for beating up girls.

The police have received flak for watching the attack and not taking any action when the self-appointed moral brigade barged into the pub, Amnesia, on Saturday night. A senior official even blamed the media for blowing the incident, out of proportions.

The police have arrested 18 Sri Ram Sena (SRS) activists though over a dozen are still to be identified and arrested. The officials said that the action would be taken against these SRS workers under the Goonda Act.

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