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The Indian Herald

January 30, 2009

Muslim of Indian origin in Barack Obama's team

After appointing Indian-Americans at important positions in his administration, United States president Barack Obama has appointed another Indian, Rashad Hussain, in his team.

Hussain, 30, has been appointed as the Deputy Associate Counsel to the American president. A University of North Carolina Graduate, Hussain did his post-graduation from Harvard.

Earlier, Preeta Bansal and Neal Katyal, two Americans of Indian origin have been inducted into the President's team. They were appointed as Counsel & Senior Policy Advisor in Management & Budget and Principal Deputy Solicitor General respectively.

Besides, Parag Mehta, Nick Rathod, Anjan Mukherjee, Rachna Bhowmik, Subhashri Ramanathan, Puneet Talwan and Natasha Billimoria are some of the other Indian-Americans who are serving in various capacities in his team.

Hussain, who is the member of legal team of Barack Hussein Obama, was previously trial attorney with the Department of Justice. Various organisations have hailed the appointment.

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