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The Indian Herald

January 17, 2009

Navy vows action to rescue abducted Indians

The Navy is planning action against the Somalian pirates who have taken three Indians hostage after abducting them off a ship on Kenyan coast.

Navy chief Admiral Suresh Mehta today announced that strong action would be taken to secure the release of the kidnapped Indian citizens. Mehta said that Navy would go to any lengths to accomplish the task.

There were 11 members on the ship including three Indians. But most of the others (predominantly Kenyans) were allowed to go while Indian marine technicians were kept hostage. Of the three persons, one is from Kerala and another from Tamil Nadu.

The ship MV Alpha Manyara was taken away on the Kenyan coast, far away from Gulf of Aden and no Indian navy ship keeps surveillance in the region. The ship company has refused to pay ransom.

The activities of Somali pirates have become a cause of international concern and recently Indian navy had destroyed and sunk a pirate vessels in the Gulf of Aden last year.

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