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The Indian Herald

February 22, 2009

'Congress-led UPA may win elections, BJP losing'

Despite the current economic meltdown, the anti-incumbency factor and BJP's tirade against Centre on terrorism, the Congress may again form government, says CNN-IBN.

The pre-election survey shows that United Progressive Alliance (UPA) may succeed in forming the next government at the Centre, as it is likely to get 215-235 seats in the Parliament.

The BJP however stands to lose and its vote share may dip by 7%. The National Democratic Alliance (NDA) will have to be content with 165-185 seats in the Lok Sabha polls, says the CNN IBN-CSDS survey.

Though neither of the alliances is going to get a clear majority or mandate to rule the country, UPA appears in a better position currently, as it can form government with the support of Samajwadi Party (SP) and BSP.

The rest would get around 90-100 seats in the 545 member house. The Left front might not fare well. Mamata Bannerjee's Trinamool Congress can emerge stronger after the Nandigram fiasco and the Singur episode.

The survey predicts a hung Parliament. However, the TV channel said that both the major parties may have to look for new coalition partners to form the next government.

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