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February 20, 2009

Delhi 6: Film released amid controversy, songs hit

Rakeysh Mehra's Delhi-6 that showcases life in old Delhi was released amidst the controversy over inclusion of a Chattisgarhi folk song's slightly changed version in the movie.

The Abhishek Bachchan-Sonam Kapoor starrer has already been in the news for portrayal of life in Walled City. The song 'Sasural genda phool', has been widely acclaimed.

The story of the film revolves around an NRI who has returned to India to bring his ailing grandmother to her home. The monkey-man hysteria that had gripped Delhi a few years ago has been used as a metaphor for communalism and anti-Muslim hatred fanned by right-wing politicians.

Controversy over plagiarsing the song

However, Chhattisgarhi artistes are unhappy as they claim it was the original Chhattisgarhi song that was lifted and an altered version has been included in the movie without any due credit.

Gangaram Shivare's song was sung by Bhularam Yadav and later Joshi sisters made it popular across the region. Now they allege that Prasun Joshi lifted the song for the movie.

Mehra's earlier movie, Rang De Basanti, was a Bollywood blockbuster. Waheeda Rahman's graceful presence and Sonam's performance have been appreciated in the film.

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