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February 5, 2009

Women's Commission member served notice for 'controversial' comments after attack on girls in Magalore pub

The Woman and Child Ministry has issued notice to National Commission for Women (NCW) member Nirmala Venkatesh for her controversial comments after the Mangalore incident.

After the Sri Ram Sene workers had attacked Amnesia pub in Mangalore (Karnataka) and thrashed girls, the NCW member had said that there was lack of adequate security at the pub.

She had also said that women ought to safeguard themselves and put the onus on them. This was construed as a statement indicting the girls going to pub rather than the Ram Sene activists who vandalised the place on January 24.

The NCW member has been at loggerheads with the Ministry. Union Minister Renuka Chaudhary who heads the Woman and Child Welfare ministry had expressed her surprise at the remarks.

The Ministry's inquiry had found that there was enough security and bouncers were deployed but they were overpowered by the dozens of Ram Sene activists who went on rampage.

The police was also charged of inaction. In this backdrop Venkatesh's comments had put the NCW in a dock. Various groups had condemned the remarks that appeared more in sync with the self-styled moral police. Now she has been asked to reply explain her comments.

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