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The Indian Herald

February 17, 2009

'Osama Bin Laden hiding in Pakistan'

The world's most wanted fugitive Osama Bin Laden could be hiding in one of the three compounds located in Pakistan's Frontier provinces bordering Afghanistan, as per satellite data imaging.

American researchers have concluded that Laden is staying in an enclosed compound in Parachinar in Pakistan's Khurram agency bordering Afghanistan. The findings are a result of satellite-aided geographic analysis and thermal imagery.

The same tools and techniques have helped locate criminals and endangered species. Laden is on dialysis and needs constant medication for which his house must have an electrical grid in the vicinity. The study was published in MIT international review.

However, the suggestion that Laden is living within in the geographical boundaries of Pakistan could be embarrassing and potentially damaging for the country that has been US' strong ally in the war on terrorism.

He could be in any of the three compounds in Parchinar town in North West Frontier Provices (NWFP). US forces and intelligence agencies have been on Laden's hunt since 2001. His whereabouts have been a mystery since he was last spotted in Tora Bora in Afghanistan, eight years ago.

Parachinar is located in Federally Administered Tribal Area (FATA) just near Pak-Afghanistan border. The tribal region has been the news for US drones that have resulted dozens of deaths lately.

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