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The Indian Herald

February 5, 2009

Water crisis: Teashops stop serving water to customers

Acute water scarcity has prompted tea shop owners in Madhya Pradesh to stop giving water for drinking purpose to customers who turn up at the shops for a cup of tea.

At several shops in Indore, the owners have put up a notice asking the customers to not pester them for water. "We have put up the poster because it's tough to get water for tea and expecting that we would offer them glasses of full water, is unrealistic".

"It takes a lot of effort to get water and we send boys who get it in cans on their cycle", said Ghanshyam, who owns a kiosk. "In such a situation we can't afford to give water to the customers".

The Cities in Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh are witnessing a severe shortage of water. Due to lesser rain, the ground water level has reached its minimum level in decades.

"We have never seen such a situation where the tea-shop owners stop letting you wash hands or drink water", said Murli, a youth, at a teashop near Rajwada in Indore. Water crisis is leading to frequent rows and there have been bloody clashed over collection of water at public taps and wells.

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