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The Indian Herald

February 25, 2009

Two Shiva devotees jump into fire

Two youths who were devout worshippers of Lord Shiva, sacrificed their lives by jumping into the fire in Adilabad district of Andhra Pradesh on Shivaratri.

The two persons Sita Ram, 29, and Devi Das, 24, had taken a pledge for 40 days and committed self-sacrifice by throwing themselves into the fire on Maha Shivaratri night.

Both were farmers and would round the clock chant Siva's name, villagers said. Their devotion had taken the form of a blind superstition and had told their families that they would either bring Shiva to their respective homes or go to him.

The incident was reported in Shivnoor village in Adilabad district, reports reaching here from Hyderabad said. The bodies were badly burnt within minutes. The police are looking into the matter.

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