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February 10, 2009

'Underwear campaign' gathers momentum in India

The drive to send pink 'chaddis' (underwear) to activists of Shri Ram Sene, which was involved in assaulting women in a Mangalore pub, has now become a movement.

The purpose is to shame the right-wing Hindu outfit that roughed up women for visiting the pubs. Nisha Susan, the brain behind the campaign, has urged all the citizens outraged by the attacks on women, to send a chaddi to the Sene.

Do you have a pink spare chaddi (underwear or panties)?, that's the call of the Consortium of Pub going, Loose and Forward Women that also has a group on Facebook. Thousands of people across the country have already joined the movement.

The Shri Ram Sene would be sent these chaddis. The aim is not to get bullied by self-styled moral police. Susan, a journalist, who started the movement, says that women and youngsters have been urged to specially visit the pubs this Valentine's Day.

She says that sending the chaddis is to deliver a message that the self-styled moral brigade is disgusting and how much they are hated. The Saffron outfits have unleashed a reign of terror in BJP-ruled Karnataka lately.

The Shri Ram Sene has already said that St Valentine's Day is a Christian concept and shouldn't be celebrated in India. Every year right-wing groups across the country go on rampage on February 14.

Misbehaviour with couples and ruckus at galleries selling greeting cards and gifts are a common feature. However, the recent attack on women, seems to have forced the urban Indians to stand up and protest against the growing lawlessness and rowdyism.

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