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March 29, 2009

After Varun, Maneka turns 'anti-Muslim'

After Varun Gandhi's communal speeches, his mother Maneka has alleged that a Muslim official was responsible for attacking the supporters of her son on Saturday.

The BJP workers had thronged the court premises and later went along with police vehicle to jail where Varun was taken. On way, they had hurled stones at police and tried to storm into jail.

But Maneka said that a Muslim police officer had provoked the supporters of Varun. She reached the prison later in the day. Talking to journalists she said that the inspector had caused injuries to two dozen supporters of Varun.

Tension continues in Pilibhit where thousands of BJP, VHP and Bajrang Dal activists had clashed with the police in the day. They had damaged vehicles and fought street battles with police.

Even after the use of tear gas and lathi-charge, the mob couldn't be controlled easily. Maneka claimed that she had noticed the action of the officer. "Of the 45 persons who were injured, this officer alone was responsible for hitting 25".

Earlier, Varun had surrendered in the court. He was sent to the judicial custody till March 30. He has been booked for his anti-Muslim speeches in which he threatened to cut the heads of Muslims and also equated the community members with Osama Bin Laden.

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