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The Indian Herald

March 26, 2009

Cell phone bursts, youth's private parts burnt

A youth's private parts were badly burnt when the Chinese cell phone he had kept in his trousers pocket, burst in a Madhya Pradesh town.

The condition of victim is critical. The youth Raju, 22, lives in Dhar district in Western MP. On Thursday, his cell phone caught fire and exploded. Raju's private parts were badly burnt. The doctors said that all the flesh had been charred and the penis blown up.

"His condition is bad as the penis has almost disappeared. We hope that he can be saved and have sent him to Dahod in Gujarat", said the local medical practitioner who gave first-aid to Raju. The youth's family said that they were sitting in the house when the blast took place in Raju's pocket.

 Not just his private parts but his thigh was also burt in the incident. "It was a China-made cell phone handset", said his family members. One of his hands was also burnt. Though he suffered heavy blood loss, there is still hope that he can be saved.

But it is not sure yet whether his reproductive organ could be restored medically, said a doctor at the hospital. The Chinese cell phones are common in rural India as they are comparatively cheaper than phones manufactured in other countries.

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