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The Indian Herald

March 16, 2009

Slumdog child actors ousted from school

The Indian child artistes who acted in Slumdog Millionaire have been expelled from the school due to short attendance. The movie had won Oscar awards in eight categories.

As many as 20 children who worked in the movie have not been allowed to return to the classes. The school authorities said that the children had missed classes for two months, which was quite a long period.

As the kids had been involved in the shoot, they remained away from the school without the requisite permission and paperwork, which their poor and mostly illiterate parents were unable to peform.

All these twenty children were supporting cast for the lead child actors in the movie. These children, most of whom, belong to poor families living in slums in Bandra in Mumbai.

A delegation comprising parents of these children met the Member of Parliament (MP) Priya Dutt, urging her to intervene and speak to the school authorities to ensure that the academic year of the children is not wasted.

Dutt has assured the families that she would try to convince the school authorities to allow the children back to the classroom. The Danny Boyle movie that was largely shot in Mumbai had won eight Academy Awards.

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