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The Indian Herald

March 30, 2009

Varun Gandhi booked under stringent NSA for his speech against Muslims during UP election campaign

The Uttar Pradesh police has booked Varun Feroze Gandhi, the grandson of Indira Gandhi, under the National Security Act (NSA) for his hate speech in Pilibhit.

Under the provisions of the non-bailable NSA, Varun may not find it easy to come out of the jail. Though it doesn't bar him from contesting elections, he may not be able to campaign during the elections.

The latest action of UP police spells further trouble for Varun, who has emerged as the poster boy of militant Hindutva ideology with his alleged public comments to cut the heads of Muslims whom he had referred to with a derogatory word.

The District Magistrate of Pilibhit, Ajay Chauhan, ordered initiation of NSA proceedings against Varun, who is currently lodged in Pilibhit jail. The BJP has termed it a political vendetta.

The UP government has however justified the action and held that his provocative and communal speeches had vitiated the atmosphere. It said that the action was necessary to ensure free and peaceful elections.

Apart from the hate-speech, the grounds for invoking NSA included the attack of BJP workers and Varun's supporters on police. Hundreds of workers had clashed with police, damaged vehicles and hurled stones at the jail, protesting his arrest.

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