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April 9, 2009

Latest opinion poll gives UPA 230 seats, NDA 181

The latest Opinion poll by Triveni Media Limited and Voice of India network has predicted a hung Parliament and UPA emerging as the biggest coalition after elections.

The pre-poll survey gives 230 seats to Congress-led UPA and just 181 to the BJP's alliance. As per this opinion poll, the third front will manage 124 seats and can play kingmaker.

It says that Congress will emerge as the biggest party with 139 seats followed by BJP at the second slot with 134 seats. BSP is poised to become the third largest party with 42 MPs including 37 from Uttar Pradesh.

The polls shows that unless there is a major change the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will not be able to form the government. Despite all efforts, LK Advani has managed to get just six allies and his party will suffer on account of it.

Samajwadi Party will also suffer losses and will win just 14 seats. The forecast says that based on the sample survey of voters across the states, the third front will be the biggest beneficiary.

It could dump SP and again support Congress to form the government. Other important coalition partners of Congress will be Trinamool Congress (15), NC (12), RJD (11), DMK (19), LJP (5), JMM (3) and Muslim League (2).

BJP's partners JD (U), Shiv Sena and Akali Dal will get 17, 13 and 6 seats. The role of third front and regional parties including the leftists will be crucial. TDP 16, AIADMK 14, BJD 13, JD (S) 4, Communist Party of India (CPI) 4, Forward Bloc 2, RSP 3 and TRS 4.

TV Channel Voice of India (VOI) commissioned the poll. The earlier polls had also predicted a hung Lok Sabha where no single party or coalition will reach the magic figure of 272 but UPA has been the favourite to win most seats.

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