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The Indian Herald

April 5, 2009

Omar Abdullah takes BJP to task over Article 370, condemns demands to abrogate it

The Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Omar Abdullah, has said that the BJP's promise of abrogating Article 370, which grants special status to the state, is a farce.

Responding to queries about the BJP's poll promise, Abdullah said that it was not possible for the BJP to take such a step. He said that the BJP doesn't have the powers to revoke the Article and that it has been misleading electorate on the issue.

It is a constitutional guarantee and any such attempt would affect the relations between Sri Nagar and New Delhi, said the National Conference (NC). The party has issued a statement and said that it is not easy to abolish the Article.

The Conference termed BJP's promise as 'outrageous' and against the interest of the country and also the state of J&K. Abrogating the Article 370 of Indian constitution has been among the major planks of BJP along with construction of Ram Temple at Ayodhya and Uniform (Common) Civil Code.

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