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April 14, 2009

India TV's opinion poll puts NDA ahead of UPA

While most opinion polls have suggested UPA lead over NDA, the India TV-C voter opinion poll gives NDA a slight edge over UPA with Congress and BJP getting equal seats.

The survey gives equal seats to Congress and BJP. Though NDA (189) has a slight lead over Congress-led UPA (185), the latter may be able to form government with the help of Third front and Fourth front parties.

The Third Front will together reach the figure 113 in the Lok Sabha, while Fourth Front that includes Lalu Yadav's RJD, Ram Vilas Paswan's LJP and Mulayam Singh Yadav's SP will together secure 56 seats in the Parliament.

The survey gives Congres 141 seats followed by NCSP 13, TMC 12, DMK 13, National Conference 3 and UDF 2 among other partners. Left is slated to get 33 seats followed by BSP 32 and Samajwadi Party 26.

Among the other parties the numbers are: AIADMK 24, TDP 12 JDS 2, PRP 6, RJD 16, PDP 1. The projected seats of the parties in NDS include JDU 18, Shiv Sena 12, RLD 4, SAD 5.

Though the UPA appears losing ground, the support of RJD, Samajwadi Party and other 'secular' parties can still stop LK Advani from becoming the next Prime Minister, as NDA doesn't seem to have as many allies.

So is Manmohan Singh poised to be PM again? It all depends on the numbers of Congress. Its equations will the Left and the third front after the elections will determine the composition of the Parliament.

The India TV channel aired the poll on Monday. Most of the other channels including Star TV, CNN-IBN and other channels have predicted that UPA would emerge as the biggest coalition.

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