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April 12, 2009

Priyanka hits out at Narendra Modi

Congress leaders have strongly reacted to BJP leader Narendra Modi's comments that termed Congress as a 125-year-old woman which is no longer needed.

The party has said that Modi's speech was insulting to elderly citizens. Priyanka Gandhi asked, 'Do I look old to you?'. BJP leaders may find it tough to answer to this query.

The BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate is 81-year-old LK Advani. However, in contrast to Modi's mocking aggression, Priyanka walked away with a sharp query that has hit the BJP.

Congress spokesperson has termed Modi's remark as 'perverted'. 'The BJP has an anti-woman mindset and women would not tolerate this insult', it said. The Gujarat chief minister had said that Congress was a 'budhiya' (old woman).

Congress leader Jayanthi Natarajan recalled Modi's past comments about Muslim women going out to attend nature's call and his description of riot camps as child making factories.

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