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The Indian Herald

April 25, 2009

Shourie projects Narendra Modi as future PM

Former Union minister Arun Shourie on Friday said that Narendra Modi could be projected as BJP's candidate for the post of Prime Minister after LK Advani.

Shourie said that Modi has run Gujarat efficiently and implemented all the promises he made in the party's manifesto. He suggested that Modi's name could be considered for the post after Advani.

The journalist-turned-politician said that currently Advani is the Prime Ministerial candidate but Modi can be projected after him as Gujarat has emerged as a model state in terms of governance.

Modi is seen as a hardliner outside the BJP. He was at the helm in Gujarat when the communal violence in the post-Godhra period had caused the death over 1,000 Muslims across the state.

One of his former cabinet ministers, Mayaben Kodnani, who is a practicing doctor, was recently arrested for leading mobs during the communal carnage. She is currently in the judicial custody.

While BJP's allies aren't comfortable with Modi, there are leaders within the BJP who are also opposed to the Gujarat chief minister. However, this is the first occasion that a senior BJP leader has openly termed Modi as a successor to Advani.

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