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The Indian Herald

May 16, 2009

Congress wave ends Advani's PM dream

The dream of BJP leader LK Advani to become the Prime Minister of India, was shattered with the revival of Congress in most parts of the country, including UP.

Advani was aggressively projected as Prime Ministerial candidate of the BJP-led NDA coalition. The party's media managers were confident that Advani would lead the party to success in the Lok Sabha election.

But as the counting began on Saturday morning, there was a sense of disbelief among the BJP. The party headquarters was deserted and the workers appeared disappointed with the failure of the BJP's campaign.

The octogenarian leader was widely described as 'Prime Minister in waiting' ever since the BJP. Ever since Atal Bihari Vajpayee had quit public life, Advani was projected as the future Prime Minister.

But the party misjudged the public mood. It harped on terrorism and Hindutva but both the issues were relegated as the electorate seems to have overwhelmingly voted for the Congress.

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