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The Indian Herald

May 15, 2009

'Left will not allow BJP to form government'

With less than 36 hrs to go for the counting to begin, the Left parties have softened their stand vis-a-vis the Congress and hinted at extending support to UPA.

The Left front that was until now adamant that it will not support either the Congress or the BJP, has changed its stand. Now it vows to stop BJP from forming the next government at the Centre.

CPI (M) Politburo member MK Pandhe's statement that the Left would not allow the BJP to form a government was followed by CPI leader CK Chandrappan's similar statement that all efforts would be made to prevent BJP from coming to power.

The subtle change brings relief to the Congress camp as exit polls show that the UPA and NDA are in a close fight. the support of Communist Parties would prove crucial to the Congress.

With the third front in a disarray and parties like TRS, AIADMK and some other smaller groups cosying up to the BJP, the Left is worried at the prospects of a 'communal' BJP-led government at the Centre.

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