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June 26, 2009

Pop legend Michael Jackson passes away

Pop star Michael Jackson who influenced generations of music lovers, died of cardiac arrest in Los Angeles on Thursday. He was 50.

Jackson was in coma when a medical team arrived at his house but sources said that he was already dead. After attempts to resuscitate him failed, he was rushed to LA Hospital.

Soon the news of his death spread. The hospital authorities confirmed that the King of Pop had died. The news led to shock and belief across the United States and the rest of the world.

Jackson, a black, had revolutionised the world of pop music and his popularity cut across all groups. He was equally loved in Asia, Africa and Europe. Jacko had several controversies to his name during his long singing career.

Jackson, the son of a mill worker, was seventh among nine siblings. He suffered physical abuse at the hands of his father during childhood. He tasted success early in his career. Though it was rumoured that he bleached his skin, it was a medical condition that had changed his complexion.

He also faced allegations of child abuse. He had reportedly converted to Islam. After he became a Muslim, he had changed the spelling of his name to Mikaeel though not much was known about the popstar's conversion. One of the most successful entertainers of all times, Jackson's death has stunned the entertainment industry as well as his fans across the globe.

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