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The Indian Herald

July 24, 2009

Sanjay Malik wanted to take plane to Pakistan

Hijacker Sanjay Malik who had claimed that he had a bomb onboard the Indigo Airlines flight and wanted to take the plane to Pakistan has been booked for bomb scare.

Malik, 28, had boarded the Delhi-Mumbai flight on Thursday. Just when the plane was about to reach Mumbai, 15 minutes before landing, Malik announced that he had a bomb and asked for diverting the flight.

He was told that there was no way the plane could be taken to Pakistan, as it was about to land at Mumbai. He was holding a packet, which he claimed contained a deadly bomb.

Shocked passengers had frightful moments following the threat. But as it became apparent that he was holding just a fruit juice pack, Malik was caught by fellow passengers who suspected that he was mentally unstable.

The airport authorities had been informed about the bomb scare. He was later caught and booked for the hoax. Apparently, Malik, who holds an MBA degree, is mentally unstable and is undergoing treatment.

TIH Bureau

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