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The Indian Herald

August 18, 2009

'America overdid Shah Rukh Khan's questioning'

American authorities overdid the detention of Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan, said Indian Home Minister P Chidambaram, who assured to take the issue with top US officials.

The union minister said that even if a person has to be frisked, it is quite enough to finish the job in 10-20 minutes but by detaining Shahrukh for nearly 2 hrs, the officials overdid that.

Chidambaram expressed surprise that the movie actor was not even allowed to use his cell phone when he was held for questioning at Newark airport and only after 2 hrs, he was given his mobile phone back.

The Indian government has taken strong exception to the manner in which the superstar was screened, apparently because of the 'Khan' surname. The home minister regretted that secretaries welcome US dignitaries on tarmac upon their arrival in India.

However, on the contrary Indian our celebrities are treated harshly. Civil Aviations minister Praful Patel has also said that the matter would be raised at the highest level with American government, specially the manner in which Indian citizens of a particular religion are frisked and detained.

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