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October 30, 2009

Narendra Modi suffering from Swine Flu

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi has reportedly tested positive for Swine Flu. The treatment has begun after the results confirmed that the virus infected him.

Modi has just returned from his tour to Russia. Apparently, he got infection during his overseas trip. He was suffering from fever for the last couple of days and has tested positive for H1N1 virus, reports said.

The doctors treating him have reportedly given him tamiflu, the medicine given to the patients who are affected with the swine flu. As a result of his illness, the Chief Minister's programmes in the next couple of days stand cancelled.

However, his condition is not serious, initial reports on Star TV said. Though the virus has been spreading fast and the infections are reported from across the globe, it is curable.

TIH Bureau

October 27, 2009

Hundreds of Tribal families converted to Hinduism

Hundreds of tribals have been converted to Hinduism at a function in Thane. Organisers said that the tribals were originally Hindus and thus it was a mere purification.

Nearly 800 families comprising thousands of indigenous tribals were 're-converted' to Sanatan dharma. Swami Narendra Maharaj said that it was not a conversion or re-conversion, rather purification because the tribals were basically Hindus.

During the five-stage ceremony, a yagna was performed. The idols were installed and a multi-staged ceremony was completed before their re-initiation into the Hindu fold.

Religious conversion is a serious and touchy topic in India. Christian missionaries are accused of luring backward caste Hindus and tribals and converting them to Christianity.

The tribals though have maintained a separate identity are claimed by proselytising Hindus as part of the Hindu society.

TIH Bureau

October 23, 2009

Congress victory in Assembly elections stuns BJP

The Congress-NCP have won the Maharashtra Assembly election. The BJP is meanwhile in a state of shock due to its failure to win any of the three states.
While Cong-NCP coalition managed to get simple majority, the Shiv Sena-BJP failed to win even 100 seats in the 288-member assembly. Raj Thackeray's MNS performed unexpectedly well and hurt the changes of Shiv Sena.

But for BJP, the poor performance in Haryana is another matter of concern. It had severed ties with Indian National Lok Dal before elections. The results were shattering as it won just 4 seats.

Though Congress didn't do as well, it is the first time in three decades that a government has been voted back after completion of five year term. In Arunachal Pradesh, the Congress again performed exceedingly well.

The results of the elections have left the BJP leaders in a quandary. The appeal of the party seems to have diminished. Even after anti-incumbency of two successive terms, the Congress managed to win in Maharashtra.

TIH Bureau

Right-wing Hindu fanatics behind Samjhauta Express, Ajmer Dargah, Mecca masjid blasts!

CBI probe in the Samjhauta Express blast and the interrogation of suspects in Indore suggest that right-wing radicals could be responsible for these blasts.

Interrogations with members of extremist Hindu groups has revealed that the blast in Ajmer Dargah during Ramzan could be the handiwork of the Hindutva militants, who wanted to take revenge upon Muslims.

The Anti-Terrorist Squads of Haryana and Rajasthan have also found links that the Samjhauta Express blast was planned in Indore. The blast in Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad also has links to Indore.

The CBI team that has reached Indore has so far quizzed 10 persons. Some of them have reportedly admitted that the hardline leaders were instigating the workers of Abhinav Bharat to target Muslims and their places of worship.

It was possibly a response to the so-called 'Muslim terrorists' by the new gang of Hindu terrorists. Last year the Maharashtra ATS led by late Hemant Karkare had caught Abhinav Bharat activists.

The group led by Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, Lt Colonel Purohit and Samir Kulkarni, were arrested for targeting the Muslim-dominated Malegaon in Maharashtra.

TIH Bureau

October 17, 2009

Hindutva militant carrying bomb killed in Goa

A suspected pro-Hindutva militant and Malegaon blast accused was killed when a bomb which he was allegedly carrying in his scooter, exploded in Margaon town of Goa on Friday.

Melgunda Patil and his friend, Yogesh Naik, who are right-wing Hindutva activists and linked to the terrorist group of Sadhvi Pragya Thakur, were injured in the explosion, but Patil succumbed to injuries later in the hospital.

The bomb went off in a busy market in the town. Three other vehicles were damaged in the explosion that has sent shockwaves across the coastal state in Western India on the eve of Deepawali.

Yogesh Naik is member of Sanatan Sanstha, a hardcore Hindutva group that is linked to Pragya Thakur's Abhinav Bharat. Thakur is in jail for her alleged involvement in the Malegaon and Modasa blasts.

The scooter was parked behind a Church in Goa. The recovery of an electric circuit and bomb-related paraphernelia that was recovered at another place has also alarmed the local police. A high-alert has been sounded in Goa.

TIH Bureau

October 10, 2009

Bihar to appoint Urdu teachers in all govt schools

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has announced that Urdu teachers will be appointed in all the government schools in Bihar and a directorate for the language would be formed.

Kumar recalled the role of Urdu writers and journalists in the freedom struggle including Maulvi Mohammad Baqar who was killed by the British for his anti-imperialistic writings.

The JD(U) leader said that Urdu would be taught in each and every government school in the state and at all the levels. He was addressing a seminar 'Urdu and National Integrity' in Patna today.

Journalist and MP Ahmad Saeed Malihabadi said that if Bihar government implements the proposal of teaching Urdu in all schools, it will be a revolutionary step and Nitish Kumar would be immortalised for his role in giving Urdu its due status.

He said that Bihar is already ahead of other states including Uttar Pradesh (UP) as far as giving the due and rightful place to the langauge is concerned. Malihabadi said that a little official patronage would do wonders for the language.

TIH Bureau

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