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The Indian Herald

October 10, 2009

Bihar to appoint Urdu teachers in all govt schools

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has announced that Urdu teachers will be appointed in all the government schools in Bihar and a directorate for the language would be formed.

Kumar recalled the role of Urdu writers and journalists in the freedom struggle including Maulvi Mohammad Baqar who was killed by the British for his anti-imperialistic writings.

The JD(U) leader said that Urdu would be taught in each and every government school in the state and at all the levels. He was addressing a seminar 'Urdu and National Integrity' in Patna today.

Journalist and MP Ahmad Saeed Malihabadi said that if Bihar government implements the proposal of teaching Urdu in all schools, it will be a revolutionary step and Nitish Kumar would be immortalised for his role in giving Urdu its due status.

He said that Bihar is already ahead of other states including Uttar Pradesh (UP) as far as giving the due and rightful place to the langauge is concerned. Malihabadi said that a little official patronage would do wonders for the language.

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