The Indian Herald

The Indian Herald

October 27, 2009

Hundreds of Tribal families converted to Hinduism

Hundreds of tribals have been converted to Hinduism at a function in Thane. Organisers said that the tribals were originally Hindus and thus it was a mere purification.

Nearly 800 families comprising thousands of indigenous tribals were 're-converted' to Sanatan dharma. Swami Narendra Maharaj said that it was not a conversion or re-conversion, rather purification because the tribals were basically Hindus.

During the five-stage ceremony, a yagna was performed. The idols were installed and a multi-staged ceremony was completed before their re-initiation into the Hindu fold.

Religious conversion is a serious and touchy topic in India. Christian missionaries are accused of luring backward caste Hindus and tribals and converting them to Christianity.

The tribals though have maintained a separate identity are claimed by proselytising Hindus as part of the Hindu society.

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