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The Indian Herald

December 31, 2009

Indian right-wing groups funded blasts on churches, mosques in Nepal

The chief of a militant outfit that had targeted mosques and churches in Nepal has said that Hindu groups in India funded him for engineering bomb blasts.

Ram Prasad Mainali, 37, was earlier a ticket booking clerk, who later turned head of the terrorist organisation that attacked churches and mosques in the Himalyan kingdom, causing the death of five persons.

News Agency IANS' Sudeshna Sarkar spoke to Mainali who is in jail after his arrest recently. Mainali was upset because Nepal had been turned from a Hindu kingdom to a secular republic.

"There are 90 Muslim and Christian countries and we had just one Hindu nation but in 2006 it ceased to be a Hindu country", he told Sarkar. The meeting was held in Birla Mandir in Delhi where plan to restore the status of Nepal was discussed.

He said that RSS, Bajrang Dal, VHP and Shiv Sena members met him and discussed the issue. Mainali accepts that the organisations sent his National Defence Army, the money through secret channels.

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