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February 1, 2010

Sangh Vs Shiv Sena: Uddhav Thackeray hits out at RSS, dares it to propogate Hindi in South India

Shiv Sena leader Uddhav Thackeray on Monday said that RSS should stay away from the ongoing row over imposing Marathi in Maharashtra. "Where was Sangh during Mumbai riots?", he questioned.

Thackeray said that Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) shouldn't speak for Hindi or the North Indians living in Maharashtra, and dared the Sangh to do the same in Southern India.

"RSS should rather go to South Indian states and propogate Hindi in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Padesh and Karnataka", said Thackeray whose stong stand on the issue of Hindi-Marathi conflict has come as a surprise.

It is also the first sign of a rift among the Sangh Parivar. Though Shiv Sena has not been a direct product of RSS, it has been ideologically close to the umbrella organisation.

However, RSS leader Ram Madhav's statement that Sangh workers would protect North Indians living in Mumbai, has irked the Sena. Bal Thackeray has already targeted actors Shahrukh Khan, Amir Khan and industrialist Mukesh Ambani over the issue.

While MNS leader Raj Thackeray has been lying low over the issue, Shiv Sena has taken a lead over the ongoing conflict as it felt that the party was losing its grip over the Marathi Manoos.

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