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January 30, 2010

VHP to decide length of Muslims' beards, turn UP into Gujarat: Pravin Togadia

Hate speeches in Moradabad, Rampur
VHP leader Pravin Togadia urged the parishad cadre in Rampur to turn UP into Gujarat. He also made allegedly objectionable comments about Muslim beards.

Togadia, who incidentally belongs to Jain religion but heads the extreme right-wing VHP, alleged that Muslims marry four times and produce 25 children that is the root cause of their unemployment.

He also attacked Deoband seminary for fatwa on Vande Mataram issue and threatened to take action against the Darul Uloom. The inflammatory speech on Friday, stunned local residents.

"Rampur would be turned a Hindu district and we will decide how many inches long beard a Muslim can grow", said Togadia, as reported in local newspapers.

Meanwhile, several local leaders have condemned Togadia. The district administration has also been criticised for letting Togadia vitiate the communal atmosphere.

Former SP leader Azam Khan has said that Togadia should immediately be booked and a police case be registered against him. "He should be tried in the court of law for his irresponsible and communal utterances", Khan said.

Earlier, Togadia made a similar speech at Moradabad. Addressing a gathering, he said that Hindus would not tolerate any attempt to extend reservation in jobs to Muslim community.

Togadiya, an oncologist, said that Hindu leaders and politicians who support minorities, perhaps do so because they might have a Muslim father (or mother).

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