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The Indian Herald

January 16, 2010

Warrant against Jain munis for sexually abusing kid

The court has issued arrest warrants against two Jain clergymen for allegedly sexually abusing a minor boy who had been taken away from Indore.

Bhupendra, a minor boy, had been taken to Gujarat but was not allowed to go back to his family in Indore. His father Ramesh Chandra Verma approached the court when the 'saints' told him that his son had been turned into a 'muni'.

Bhupendra's letters had reached his father. In the letters he had told his father that he was sexually abused, taken to different cities and exploited by two 'saints'-Hemchandra Sagar and Jinchandra Sagar.

Upset, Verma, sought the return of his child but this was not to happen until he fought case in High Court and later on went up to the Supreme Court.

The Apex court held that the child be handed back. Now an Indore court has agreed that it was a heinous crime and issued arrest warrant against the two 'saints'.

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