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The Indian Herald

October 23, 2010

'Pregnant' Sadhu refuses to undergo medical examination

A Hindu ascetic who had hit headlines after claiming that he got pregnant after eating a mysterious fruit, has refused to undergo medical examination.

Pawan Baba, a resident of Etawah, who has been walking like a woman carrying child, has said that he doesn't need to give proof of his claims and won't get himself medically examined.

The 'Sadhu' said that he was expecting the baby soon. On television channels, he stubbornly said that he was in the final stages of pregnancy and could deliver soon.

Baba claimed that a saint had given a miraculous jack fruit to a woman in Haridwar. After eating it, she got pregnant. The same saint gave him another fruit and when he ate it, he felt the pain in abdomen. Though it could be a publicity stunt, TV channels held discussions with experts about the possibility of a man naturally conceiving a baby.

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