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January 23, 2011

'Pakistan is anti-Urdu, hasn't given language its due status'

Pakistan has proved to be an enemy of Urdu and its official policies have harmed the language which was once the lingua franca across the entier sub-continent.

This was the sentiment expressed by writers and journalists who attended the national seminar on Urdu language held at Makhanlal Chaturvedi University of Journalism.

The speakers said that Pakistan gave the status of national language to Urdu but no attempt was either made to implement the official status of the language or giving the language its due credit. The English-speaking powerful elite in Pakistan is agaisnt Urdu.

News editor of Hyderabad-based daily Siasat said that Punjabi is used more frequently in Pakistan than Urdu. He said that there is an institutional bias against Urdu. Though Urdu was also neglected in India and there was discrimination, the situation in Pakistan is surprising.

He said that Urdu newspapers are most secular and didn't practice the policy of either 'paid news' or 'advertorials' which has become common in English media. He also said that the page 3 culture hsan't invaded Urdu journalism.
Another journalist MM Azhari, editor of Delhi's Secular Qayadat said that the freedom movement that had brought citizens from all parts of India together was fought in Urdu and the slogan 'Inquilab Zindabad' came from Urdu.

Professor Braj Kishor Kuthiala, the Vice-Chancellor of University, said that a national news agency for Urdu media was the need of the hour and a work plan would be formulated to meet the challenges of the new age media in the Urdu.

Other speakers said that the situation of Urdu journalism in India is now looking up and the state governments are also forced to take interest in the issues of Urdu-speaking masses. Roznama Rashtriya Sahara's Asad Raza, Jadid Khabar's Masoom Moradabadi and Arif Khan also participated in the conference.

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