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February 12, 2011

New dawn in Middle-East: Egyptian revolution succeeds, Mubarak goes

The peaceful protests finally paved way for transition in Egypt, the biggest country in the Arab world, where President Hosni Mubarak stepped down after ruling the nation for nearly 30 years.

Eygptians erupted in joy as the autocratic rule came to an end. After 18 days of street protests and tens of thousands gathering at Tahrir square, one of the most unique revolutions in recent history brought the dictator down.

But democratic set up may not come as swiftly as everybody expects. On one hand it's the army that is now virtually running the country, while on the other hand there are apprehensions about the future politics, especially, as the Muslim Brotherhood takes the centrestage.

For now the army has taken over. But the aspirations of Egyptians will not be acomplished until a transparent and democratic election is held that could pave way for a moden Egypt. For now, there is celebration in Egypt and in rest of world.

TIH Bureau

February 11, 2011

Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak will not step down: Defiant dictator snubs internation pressure, refuses to resign

Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak has refused to step down. Contrary to expectations that he will announce his resignation during the speech on the state TV, he said that he will continue to hold to power.

Mubarak said that he will continue in office and shoulder the responsibility to usher Egypt from the current crisis. Even though a sea of humanity gathered at Tahrir square and the world watched Al Jazeera airing the speech and expecting him to resign, Mubarak said that he will remain in office till his successor is elected.

The dictator said that he will not listen to any power or source from outside Egypt. Regretting the loss of lives, he expressed his sympathies for the families of the martyrs. Though he looked downcast, Mubarak said that he understands the aspirations of youths and will do his best to take the country forward. But would not contest the September election.

An adamant Mubarak who is facing a wave of dissent and anger, insisted that he would not succumb to pressures of foreign countries. Though he said that the amendments will be made in the constitution and dialogues will continue as part of the reform process.

As millions watched the speech on internet, twitterers sent angry tweets and wrote messages on facebook denouncing the president. There was anger at Tahrir square also as earlier media reports suggested that he was about to quit. American pressure and Obama's suggestions didn't seem to have any affect.

Mubarak said that the need of the hour was peace and stability. He hinted that emergency laws would not be lifted. Recalling his own contribution for the country and invoking the pride of Egypt, the defiant dictator said that 'he will not be separated from the soil until he is buried'.

TIH Bureau

February 2, 2011

Syndicate bank manager accused of abusing Muslim youth, closing his account

A Delhi student, Khalid Ali Abbasi, was allegedly abused by the manager of the Yamuna Vihar branch of Syndicate bank, and his account abruptly closed.

Abbasi, 19, who is a student of Delhi College of Arts and Commerce, has accused the manager of insulting him and his religion in front of the entire bank staff and visitors.

Abbasi said that he went to the bank to complain about his ATM card that was not functioning. But the manager abused him and made disparaging remarks about Muslims, Abbasi told media persons.

The manager Mahesh Chand Sharma called the security guard who asked Abbasi, whom they addressed as 'Mulla', to go away. Though the bank officer denied the charge, it is likely to be investigated and the CCTV cameras in the branch can be used to ascertain the truth.

Abbasi has already made separate complaints to the Minorities' Commission and also the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) about the religious discrimination and mistreatment which he claims to have faced in the Syndicate bank branch.

TIH Bureau

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