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The Indian Herald

February 12, 2011

New dawn in Middle-East: Egyptian revolution succeeds, Mubarak goes

The peaceful protests finally paved way for transition in Egypt, the biggest country in the Arab world, where President Hosni Mubarak stepped down after ruling the nation for nearly 30 years.

Eygptians erupted in joy as the autocratic rule came to an end. After 18 days of street protests and tens of thousands gathering at Tahrir square, one of the most unique revolutions in recent history brought the dictator down.

But democratic set up may not come as swiftly as everybody expects. On one hand it's the army that is now virtually running the country, while on the other hand there are apprehensions about the future politics, especially, as the Muslim Brotherhood takes the centrestage.

For now the army has taken over. But the aspirations of Egyptians will not be acomplished until a transparent and democratic election is held that could pave way for a moden Egypt. For now, there is celebration in Egypt and in rest of world.

TIH Bureau

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