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April 20, 2011

Minor Jain girl raped at the behest of lady monk!

A teenaged Jain girl who had been sent for spiritual training by her family was allegedly raped by five persons at the behest of a Jain 'Sadhvi'.

The victim, a 15-year-old girl, lives in an 'Ashram' in Gujarat's Panchmahal but was taken to Rajasthan recently where she was raped. Sadhvi Nirmal Prabha, a senior woman monk, had initiated the minor girl to the path of spirituality six months ago.

The 'diksha' ceremony had taken place in Rajasthan. The girl was taken to Netra Shivganj in Rajasthan and later to Khiwadi. The victim says that on the directions of Nirmal Prabha, a person Mahendra raped her and then four other youths also committed sexual act with her.

Nirmal Prabha's driver Pappu also sexually exploited the girl. The girl suffered the gang rape for months. She managed to escape to Falna and then reached Mount Abu from where she informed her family. Her father came to get her back to Pavagarh.

The girl has made some other sensational allegations. She said that the Sadhvi also used to drink secretly and watched pornographic clips. In her statement to police, she said that the woman monk had charged Rs 5,000 from the culprits for letting them rape her (victim).

On her complaint, the police have registered a case of rape against all the accused including the Sadhwi. Nirmal Prabha alias Nirmala Devi, who is charged with abetment of crime and aiding the rape accused, is a monk but was sometimes seen in Western clothes also, which surprised the neighbours.

Suspicious persons visited us and there is another complaint of similar nature against her. It is also alleged that she was close to a builder and had secretly married him though the Jain priests take 'brahmacharya' vow and remain celibate.

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