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The Indian Herald

July 24, 2011

Christian man behind terrorist attack in Norway

Contrary to initial suspicion, investigation has revealed that it was a Christian 'terrorist' who was involved in the bomb blast and mass killings in Norway that left nearly 92 persons dead.

The terrorist strikes have shaken this scandinavian country which is known for its peaceful citizens. Soon after the terror strike, most agencies and news reports focused primarily on Islamist groups.

But as investigation progressed, it emerged that a right-wing Christian fanatic who disliked the culture of coexistence and was against the 'invasion' of Norway by immigrants from outside, was responsible for the killings.

Anders Behring Breivik who has reportedly confessed his crime, has told investigators that he single-handedly committed the attacks including the planning of the bomb blast and the firing on the youth camp in Utoya. He disliked the state policty of multicultarism.

What perplexes the police is that the man was so fanatically driven towards his views. He had purchased a huge cache of fertilisers for the bomb blast. Despite his leanings towards the right-wing fringe Christian groups, he was not under observation.

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