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August 11, 2011

Prakash Jha's 'anti-Dalit' movie Aarakshan banned in UP

In a major setback to filmmaker Prakash Jha, the Uttar Pradesh government on Wednesday said that his movie Aarakshan would not be screened in the state.

The Mayawati government declared that dialogues in the Bollywood movie were provocative and could lead to violence and hence it was not appropriate to allow the release.

UP is India's biggest state in terms of population and home to largest number of Urdu and Hindi speakers. Jha had landed in controversy after his twitter message recently.

He had also tweeted a joke, which he himself called 'politically incorrect' as it allegedly made fun of those who get reservation under SC/ST or OBC category vis-a-vis others or general (Upper Caste) category persons.

Later he had deleted the tweet. SC/ST panel chief PL Punia had also said that the film was anti-Dalit. Prakash Jha has however maintained that  his movie was not against Dalits or students/aspirants belonging to the sections of society that get job quota under Mandal commission report.

 He said that the movie had been cleared by censor board and it should be seen before labelling it as anti-Dalit. Amitabh Bachchan and Saif Ali Khan play the lead roles in the film, which is scheduled for nationwide release on August 12. TIH Bureau

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