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The Indian Herald

September 24, 2011

Crime in Delhi: Gay businessman killed by homosexual 'friends' for money

Businessman Narendra Narang who was found murdered in his house in Delhi's Kirti Nagar had been killed by his gay partners with the aim of robbery.

Narang, 44, lived alone in the house. When neighbours told about foul smell coming from the place, the police broke into the house and had found him dead. There were no clothes on the body.

Investigation revealed that Narang was into homosexual relationships and had no regular partner. He had recently come in contact with two youths hailing from Hardoi in Uttar Pradesh (UP).

The youths, Pradeep alias Sonu, 21, and Kamal Kishor, 19, knew that the businessman daily brought at least Rs 50,000 home. When he called them again recently to spend night with him, they had planned that they would kill him and escape with booty.

After the unnatural sexual act in bathroom with him, the duo strangulated him to death with a cable wire. Then they escaped with the money. During interrogation in the locality, police found Narang often called youths and gave them Rs 200-Rs 500 for a visit.

Sustained interrogation led to vital clues. Informers' tip and other evidences pointed towards the two youths. They were caught and during interrogation the accused confessed the crime. They said that the motive was to rob the businessman.

Narang was married in 1992 but had separated from his wife within months of marriage. Around Rs 50,000 robbed by them and the three cell phones were also recovered. The police are interrogating them to find if the youths were involved in other such crimes in the past.

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