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September 23, 2011

Government Gag: Two suspended for Facebook comments in Bihar

In an unprecedented move, two government officials were suspended in Bihar for comments on social networking website Facebook.

The incident has caused an outrage among netizens and intellectuals. Dr Musafir Prasad, who maintains a profile under the name Musafir Baitha, has been suspended from the Bihar Vidhan Parishad (Legislative Council).

Another government employee Arun Narayan has also been issued suspension order. Their fault is that they 'dared' to discuss official administrative red-tape and bureaucratic lethargy on Facebook. Musafir had mentioned how his application had moved at snail's pace in the administrative setup.

Arun had made a comment on Bihar's politics. Following the Facebook comments, Council chairman issued the order. However, the decision may have boomeranged. The Nitish Kumar-led Bihar government is facing flak for the order.

The fact is that Bihar government seems to be too touchy and over-sensitive to any sort of criticism. This hasn't gone down well with the literary community and the citizens as well. Both Musafir and Arun Narayan who were till recently posted with Hindi language wing, are noted writers.

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