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December 7, 2011

Haryana judge doesn't like Urdu words in court

Even as Supreme Court judges quote couplets of Urdu in their judgments and the language is recognised as one of the official languages in the eighth schedule, a Haryana judge seems to have a problem with Urdu.

The judge MM Dhonchak while hearing a case in his court in Bhiwani (Haryana) scolded policemen for the use of Urdu. In a case of theft, when judge Dhonchak heard use of Urdu words, many of which are commonly used like 'roznamcha', he rapped the policemen and expressed his displeasure.

Surprising it may seem as even words like 'Adalat' and 'Kachehri' that are widely used terms for 'court' in India are also derived from Urdu. In fact, 'nyayalaya' is not a term people in rural areas still understand as Sanskritised Hindi could never become common.

It is noteworthy that across the world, language as it is spoken and easily understood is used with pride. But in a mad rush to impose Sanskritisation, self-styled nationalists had invented words like 'Dugdh' for Doodh (Milk) and forced complex banking terminology like 'aahran' for 'jamaa' (Withdrawal) that confuse ordinary people and create inconvenience in governance.

Shouldn't language be simple so that everyone can easily understand it. Its purpose is to communicate with ease. In North Indian states, a common language Hindstani that uses simple and commonly understood words of Hindi or Urdu is used. Of course, court is after all the best judge but in this case we may differ with the honourable court.

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