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February 7, 2012

BJP ministers caught watching pornographic movie in Karnataka Assembly

In a shocking incident, two BJP ministers were caught watching pornographic movie clips on their cell phones in the Karnataka Assembly, in what is being termed as a new low in the history of legislatures in the country.

The disgraced ministers--Laxman Savadi and CC Patil, were caught by a TV channel that was covering the assembly proceedings on Tuesday. Chief Minister DV Sadananda Gowda has said that he wasn't aware of the entire episode and it would be speaker's discretion to take action in this regard.

The ministers were watching the allegedly pornographic clip on their cell phones. The house was then debating the issue of right-wing Hindu extremists raising Pakistani flag to point fingers against Muslims and create tension in Bijapur.

Congress and Janata Dal (JDS) leaders have termed the incident as shameful and disgusting. They said that it marked a black day in the chapter of the Karnataka Assembly. Stones were thrown at Savadi's residence later in the day by a group of protesters.

The incident is latest in the series of controversies, the Saffron party has found itself embroiled into. The 'obscene clip' scandal comes in wake of allegations of corruption against the BJP leaders in this South Indian state.

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