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March 22, 2012

Solapur Muslims refused permission to pray at ancient mosque at Police Headquarters, anger against police action on peaceful protesters

Mosque in Police Headquarters in Solapur
Muslims have given representation to Home Minister RR Patil, demanding action against Solapur commissioner of police Himmat Rao Deshbhratar for highhandedness against Muslims who were protesting the denial of entry to Muslims in an ancient mosque in the town.

Recently, when Muslims protested the arbitrary decision, they were lathi-charged by the police. Muslims were disallowed from praying at the mosque situated at the Police Headquarters in Solapur city in Maharashtra. 

The Masjid Action Committee had begun an agitation. A delegation comprising former MLA Narsaiah Adamji alias Master and Muslims from Solapur were assured by the state home minister that DGP would conduct an inquiry into the incident of lath-charge as also the decision to stop Muslims from offering Namaz in the mosque.

Many people were injured in the cane charge. As a result anger among Solapur (old spelling Sholapur) Muslims has been surging over the refusal of administration to let them pray at the mosque, which was always a prominent place of worship for the minority community in the town. 

When Muslims gathered for demonstration at Iqbal Maidan, they were beaten by policemen. Patil has promised that he will look into the matter and also see to it that an alternative route is made so that Muslims can get into the mosque for offering prayers. 

The Jamiat-e-Ulama has also written a letter to Chief Minister Prithvirao Chauhan and drawn his attention towards the misuse of force against peaceful protesters. The organisation has said that the government repeatedly forgets its promises regarding the demands of Muslims.

The mosque was built in pre-independence era. In the past, prayers were held regularly for 126 years but the sudden action of police and local administration to stop the devout from going to the mosque has shocked the citizens.

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